Wednesday, January 19, 2005

About Us

Holiday Book Club Party 2015

Holiday Book Club Party 2014

Holiday Book Club Party 2013

Holiday Book Club Party 2012
(We were missing members that year)

Holiday Book Club Party 2011
(We were missing several members that year)

Our club started with a group of friends with a passion for reading. We met for the first time as a club in January 2005 with a core membership of seven members. Some people have come and gone, but our main group has grown steadily.

Holiday Book Club Party 2010
(We were missing 4 members that year)

Holiday Book Club Party 2006

Our monthly meetings are so much fun and we always love to see what delectable treats will appear afterward. We have nearly as much fun trying to fit our foods into the monthly theme as we do reading the books!

Holiday Book Club Party 2008

When we started our book club, we gave ourselves a little speech about how we don't necessarily have to have food at everything. You know, "Books. Food Optional." We laugh about that. What's followed has been a monthly literary gourmet feast, a delectable spread of both tomes and treats!

Our children also love to read and some of their favorite books are posted in our bookstore!

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